Diet Soda – How Healthy Are They For Your Body?

diet soda bad for your body

A lot of people who are working on reducing sugar intake turn to diet soda as an alternative to regular soda.  Manufacturers add artificial sweeteners to diet soda in place of sugar. It was initially a popular beverage among diabetic patients due to the lack of sugar in it.

People who have no diabetes started consuming diet sodas to help them control their weight. Though diet soda does not add you calories in the body, it may not be very healthy. Diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, sucralose, acesulfame-k, aspartame, and cyclamate.  Here are the facts regarding the effects of Diet soda on man.

1. It Confuses The Body

Artificial sweeteners are believed to have a more intense flavor compared to real sugar. That is why it is easy for you to get addicted to taking diet soda. The flavor can make your senses dull and increase the urge of taking sweet foods such as fruits.

Researchers reveal that artificial sweeteners have a similar effect as sugar in the body. They trigger insulin and make your body store unnecessary fat, leading to weight gain. You may find yourself wanting more sugary foods after taking diet soda.

2. May Not Be The Solution To Weight Loss

Most regular diet soda drinkers tend to gain weight instead of losing some pounds. Though diet soda does not have calories in it, it can increase your waist circumference. People who take more than two diet sodas in one day are at great risk of gaining more weight compared to others.

Apart from confusing the body, diet soda comes with psychological effects. Some people assume that since the drink does not have calories; they can take diet soda with an extra piece of pizza or burger. It increases your appetite by triggering the hunger hormones and dopamine in the brain.

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Some people, however, argue that diet soda does not have a direct link to weight gain. They claim that people gain weight out of poor dietary habits and not from diet soda. Others say that diet soda can help one lose weight when taken in small quantities since it does not have calories. Despite these controversial theories, researchers need to provide additional evidence to support their argument.

3. Might Lead To Diabetes

Taking diet soda every day increases the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. This syndrome is a combination of different conditions such as high blood pressure, large waist circumference, and increased cholesterol and glucose levels.

The sweeteners are known to interfere with the gut flora making it hard for the body to regulate blood sugar levels making it easy to get diabetes. Studies suggest that some drinkers can also develop heart diseases or suffer from a stroke. It can also cause vascular death or a heart attack in some people.

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4. Lack Of Nutrients

Diet soda may not contain sugar, but it does not have any nutritional value. It is a combination of carbonated water, artificial sweeteners, flavors, and food additives.  It is pointless to take something that does not add any nutrients to your body. That is why you should look for healthy no-calorie beverages such as water.

Plain water is crucial for the body since it facilitates metabolic processes and keeps you hydrated. Some people like diet soda because it is fizzy. You can still get the same effect from sparkling water.

5. Diet Soda Can Cause Headaches

Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame included in diet soda can trigger headaches in some people. Some drinkers report that they experience migraines after taking diet soda. It can get severe and make one side of your head feel heavy. The best solution for this is quitting diet soda.

6. It Causes Tooth Decay

Artificial sweeteners are also not healthy for your dental formula. Diet soda contains acids such as citric, phosphoric and malic which causes tooth erosion. A person who takes diet soda for years may start noticing a difference in their enamel. The drink can weaken or even destroy the enamel over prolonged use.

7. Diet Soda Can Worsen A Drinking Habit

Some people tend to use diet soda for cocktails by mixing it with alcohol. Diet soda can make you get intoxicated easily compared to mixing liquor with a sugar-sweetened beverage. Combining alcohol with diet soda forms a high alcohol concentration making it easy for you to get drunk. This happens because the blood absorbs artificial sweeteners faster than sugar.

8. It Can Cause Osteoporosis

Are you an aged lady who loves taking diet soda? You should be aware that the drink can cause osteoporosis. This is a condition that affects the density of the bone and may cause pain in the joints. Both diet soda and the regular soda are linked to lowering bone-mineral density.

Diet soda contains phosphorus and caffeine which disrupt the normal absorption of calcium. You should avoid such drinks and increase your intake of foods rich in vitamins and calcium.

9. Not Healthy For The Kidneys

Taking high amounts of diet soda can also cause chronic kidney disease. Diet soda contains a lot of phosphorus which tends to raise the acid load on one’s kidneys. Some people take a lot of diet soda to compensate for poor dietary factors which may also contribute to developing kidney disease.

10. Causes Childhood Obesity & Preterm Delivery

Pregnant ladies should refrain from taking diet soda since it can cause adverse effects such as delivery before the right time. Artificial sweeteners also increase the chances of delivering an overweight child. This can pose dangerous health risks to a newborn due to exposing them to artificial sweeteners while still in the womb. During pregnancy, you should stick to taking water or milk.

Final thoughts

From the above effects, it is safe to say that diet soda is not healthy for your body. It is not nutritional plus it exposes you to a lot of health risks. You should, therefore, stick to healthier options such as coffee, herbal tea or water.