5 Effective Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

lose weight after pregnancy

Pregnancy requires women to eat extra calories to account for a growing baby. Some women may gain a few or a lot of extra pounds during this time for various reasons. Once your baby is born, the real work begins; sleepless nights, diaper changes, feedings, and much more. This may leave you with limited time to get to the gym and follow any type of meal prepping in order to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight so here are 5 effective ways to lose weight after pregnancy.

1. Create a Daily Walking Routine

Once your doctor gives you the go-ahead to exercise/walk, you can put Junior in the stroller and walk off the weight.

Walking is a very effective way to burn off excess calories, increase your energy levels (New moms would appreciate that), and to strengthen and tone the muscles of the lower body and the core.

Be sure to make your walks brisk and a bit challenging for best results and try to keep your heart rate above average for a minimum of 20 minutes.

Aside from weight loss, being outside in the sunshine is good for both mom and baby, just be careful with too much exposure!

2. Add Omega 7 to Your Diet

fatty acids for good health

Omega 7, also known as Palmitoleic Acid, is a fatty acid that can improve one’s health in many ways. Unlike the more popular Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 7 is manufactured by the body.

As omega 7 has been gaining popularity, it’s been studied many times over on its effects on weight loss and even lowing the risk of heart disease, the results are all positive.

Taking an Omega 7 supplement like Ultra Omega Burn or getting it through your diet is not only shown helpful in your weight loss efforts, but it can also help lower bad cholesterol and inflammation in the body.

Omega can be found in foods such as Sea Buckthorn Berries, Pomegranate, Avocado oil, Salmon, Tuna, Sardines, Herring and more.

3. Breastfeed Your Baby

Though some woman may be unable to do so for multiple reasons, if you are able to breastfeed your baby regularly, this is not only good for the baby’s brain and development, it will also aid the mother in weight loss.

Breastfeeding can cause excessive hunger for many moms hence it’s important that you are eating regularly and not taking your calories too low, especially in the first 2 months. The recommended calorie intake for breastfeeding moms for weight loss is between 1500-1800 per day, never go below the lesser number while breastfeeding.

Also, ensure you are eating healthy and fiber filled foods to keep you fuller longer and drink lots of water to aid in milk production and hydration.

4. Make Smart Substitutions

After women give birth, their hormone levels plummet, brain chemicals go haywire, and overall feelings and emotions can really make a new mom want to chow down.

Whether you are breastfeeding or not, postpartem changes can cause weight gain and cravings, yes, more weight gain and more cravings after pregnancy! So, it’s important that you are reaching for the right healthy foods.

Instead of grabbing the chips, go for some healthy fat like lightly salted nuts. For sweet cravings, keep fresh-cut fruits around for convenience. If you are craving fried foods, you can always make their healthier baked versions instead to save on some calories, and always choose water over sugary drinks.

5. Sleep More, if You Can!

Easier said than done when you have a hungry and needy newborn, I know, but lack of sleep can slow up your weight loss efforts indeed.

When our bodies are lacking in the sleep department, cortisol levels will rise in the body, this can cause extreme cravings and hunger and high cortisol levels can lead to fat accumulation, especially in the mid-section.

When baby is napping, you might feel that this is your only opportunity to get things done around the house, but this is actually the time when you should be napping as well. Try to sleep when the baby sleeps, and perhaps have someone trustworthy watch your newborn so you can get in some extra shut-eye as well.

Ultra Omega Burn can help improve sleep quality if you are already taking it as weight loss supplement after your pregnancy.


As much as we love and welcome our newborn as a mother, pregnancy and giving birth can take a heavy toll on our bodies.  Many women dread losing their shape and figure after child birth. Just follow the 5 steps above and you will be back in shape in no time.

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