Quality Vs Quantity: What Makes For A More Successful Diet?

Have you ever wondered what makes a diet successful?

Mental aptitude and attitude do help a great deal especially when you are trying to shed off the last few pounds or have never been on a diet before.

For me, it’s a fine balance between the quality and quantity of the food consumed.

Think about it, you might be eating lesser calories to go below your calorie maintenance but it’s mostly junk food. Then again, you might be consuming your usual calorie intake but with ‘clean food’ say grilled chicken breasts and salad.

Which one would have a stronger impact?

Let’s start off with quantity.

Calorie Intake

There’s no denying that for a diet to be successful, one has to be mindful of the number of calories consumed on a daily basis. This will defer from person to person based on age, weight and activity level. The younger and more active you are, your required calorie intake would be more than an elderly couch potato. It would be best to use a calorie calculator to get the exact figure.

A good deficit to start off with would be 300-500 lesser than your usual maintenance calorie intake. You do not want to drop this down too fast or it might lead to starvation mode. This will cause your body to hold on to it’s fat stores which is counterproductive for your diet.

Not All Calories Are Made Equal

How we would normally measure calorie intake is via the amount or weight of food taken in. A pound of chicken breast does not equate to a pound of potato chips.

Here’s why.

One gram of protein has 4 calories and the same goes for carbs. Fat has 9 calories per gram. Hence you can see that your calorie intake has more than doubled based on fat intake alone. Which is why a balanced meal would usually consist of 50% protein, 30% carbs and 20% fats. You can play around with the macronutrient percentage but protein should have the largest say on whilst on a diet.

When it comes to Fat intake, make sure the majority of these calories come from healthy fatty acids which are important for you. Minimise the intake of fried and junk food.

That’s calorie quantity in a nutshell.

Get the above dialed in and you’re on a good path.

Next, let’s move on to quality consumption.

The Glycemic Index

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Like calories, not all carbs are made equal either. Ever wondered why you are all crashed out after devouring a huge snickers bar even though it’s within your calorie allowance. That’s because it’s made mostly of sugar which is metabolised differently by your body. Try chewing on a few spoons of oats and see if you feel the same way.

The Glycemic index is a good place to start if you’re not sure about the quality of the carbs you are consuming. The lower the index means the slower the body uses it for energy a slow burn. Whereas the opposite means faster source of energy but also more easily stored as fat.

Processed Foods


I love sausages, bacon, pickles and beef jerky. As much as some would call them meat products, I wouldn’t go down that lane. Such products contain a high level of salt and other preservatives which makes them taste so good.

Many researchers have also shown that frequent consumption of processed food can also lead to cancer. Therefore when going for food types, it’s best to remain as natural as possible.

Weight Loss Supplement

There might come a time when the use of a fat burner will come in handy. For situations where you have reached a sticking point in your diet. However, if your diet and fitness regime are not up to mark then you are only wasting your money.

When buying a weight loss supplement, make sure you are familiar with the ingredients label. Some might contain stimulants which can have an adverse effect on the body. I would prefer those made with natural ingredients like Ultra Omega Burn whose main ingredient is Omega 7.


As you can see,  it’s hard to pick a winner between quality or quantity. They both have their places when trying to lose weight. The best thing which you can do is to ensure that you remain within your daily calorie requirements with good, natural, nutritious food.

With the occasional bacon strip thrown into the mix.