9 Effective Ways to Keep Healthy During Your Pregnancy

how to be healthy during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life stage for women in which they feel mixed emotions. As a forthcoming mother, you may feel quite excited.  After all, you will soon have a welcome addition to your family – your precious bundle of joy! Furthermore, motherhood for most women is a crowning glory.

It is because you get to fulfill one of your missions in your life. This goal is to share your existence with another human being. Nevertheless, being pregnant is also a state in which you, as an expecting mother, experiences various problems.

Since you will, indeed, gain weight because of the infant you will be carrying in your tummy for nine months, you may complain once in a while.

However, you should accept motherhood with your open arms. After all, not all women in the world get this opportunity to share their life with their baby.

If you are a first-time mother, it pays to understand the inconveniences that you will experience as you embark on a new chapter in your life.

3 Common Inconveniences of Pregnant Women

If you are a pregnant woman, you will usually encounter uncomfortable feelings and experiences on your journey to motherhood.

These circumstances can hamper your daily life. Among these discomforts are the following:

  1. Swollen and uncomfortable legs, feet, ankles, and fingers

When you are at the later stage of your pregnancy, it is common for you to experience swelling. In the context of medicine, edema is the term that doctors use to call this experience of soreness of expecting mothers.

Swelling takes place when your body is holding on to more liquids than usual. Besides, you may encounter this feeling of puffiness in your feet, legs, fingers, and ankles.

You do not have to worry, though, because this inconvenience is temporary. After giving birth to your baby, you can expect the swelling and the troubles it entails to disappear. You can get some comfort for your swollen feet by purchasing a pair of shoes with a larger size.

Also, you can select supportive footwear that features sock absorption, flat or low heels, and fastening, so your feet are firmly in place.

  1. Morning sickness beginning between weeks four and seventeen

According to Scotland-based health information provider National Health Service Inform, pregnant women undergo spells of vomiting in the morning or morning sickness.

This common condition typically begins between the fourth and seventeenth week of a woman’s pregnancy. The worst week of morning sickness is around the ninth, and it halts by the 20th. You do not have to panic because you can manage this condition.

Your physician can help you through the prescription of anti-morning sickness tablets if you require them. Furthermore, you can purchase antacids from a local pharmacy. It also helps if you have plenty of fluid intakes.

You can ask for more advice from your doctor regarding your meal schedule and the food you should eat to take extra care.

  1. Strained spine and pelvis that result to back pain

As your baby grows inside your tummy, you would feel the tension in our body’s pelvic and spinal areas. This pressure gives you back pains that can get aggravated as you progress with your pregnancy.

But do not worry because these inconveniences are manageable. You can perform the following four activities to mitigate backaches:

a) Wear shoes that have a low heel or flat shoes

b) Request for assistance when lifting heavy things. Otherwise, you can bend your knees to carry these massive objects.

c) Perform some light workouts.

d) Relax your shoulders and keep your back straight. Then, try standing and sitting.

When you are pregnant, your situation undoubtedly affects the various parts of your body in diverse ways.

Therefore, with the assistance of your husband, you should always take the best of care. Also, you can get more aid through reading educative online articles.

This constructive activity helps you learn about practical techniques on how to stay healthy during your nine-month gestation journey.

Productive Practices That Keep Pregnant Women Healthy

Dr. Audra Meadows is an obstetrician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Her employer in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States is the second-largest educational hospital of Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Meadows aims to help expecting mothers. She enables them to have a healthy gestation experience, achieve the safe delivery of a healthy baby, and avert problems, such as low birth weight for infants. Dr. Meadows gave these 12 tips for pregnant mothers on how to boost their wellness:

  1. You should neither smoke cigarettes nor consume alcohol.

Cigarette-smoking among pregnant women increases the chances of several adverse outcomes. Among them are miscarriages, sudden infant death syndrome, and premature births.

Besides, you should not drink alcohol throughout your gestation period and while breastfeeding.

Giving birth to an infant with a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is one hazard that expecting mothers suffer from due to alcohol consumption while pregnant.

This disease makes the child suffer from behavioral problems, abnormal features on the face, and severe learning disabilities later on.

  1. Observe a proper diet.

 As a pregnant woman, you should eat plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, you should incorporate calcium-rich foods, whole grains, and foods low in saturated fat in your daily meals.

Remember, your baby requires healthy foods and not fatty and sugary ones.

  1. Drink eight or more cups of water every day.

Since you are carrying your baby in your tummy, you need more water than average. With the help of your husband, make it a point that you always stay well-hydrated.

Try to drink at least eight or more cups of water daily.

  1. Aside from eating healthy foods, take multivitamins.

When you are pregnant, you certainly need vitamins and minerals in your body because your baby needs them, too. Remember that you are not staying healthy only for yourself, but you are doing it most especially for your upcoming child.

Since you will be eating wholesome fruits and vegetables, consume more of the foods that are rich in folic acids such as oranges, broccoli, spinach, and kidney beans.

Moreover, you need plenty of calcium, which you can get by drinking milk and consuming yogurt.

You can get the right amounts of vitamins and minerals by taking a daily prenatal multivitamin. Ask your physician about taking these health supplements.

  1. Seek prenatal care from your doctor regularly.

Make sure that you are a healthy mother by having regular visits to your physician. Your healthcare professional will help you ensure that your baby will have a healthy birth weight through regular check-ups.

Also, you can be sure that your forthcoming child will be wholesome overall when he or she comes out from your body soon.

  1. Engage in physical activities designed for pregnant mothers.

As you go through your pregnancy journey, it is essential that you also move your body. Your doctor will advise you to perform daily exercises for expecting women.

You can ask your physician what types of workouts and how much physical activity are suitable for you.

  1. Make sure that you obtain enough excellent night’s sleep.

Since your gestation journey is not your sole voyage, you should see to it that you get sufficient shut-eye. Your slumber should last for up to nine hours. After all, your baby needs ample sleep.

Moreover, you can attempt to sleep on your left side to enhance blood flow for you and your unborn offspring.

  1. Avoid stressful situations. 

As a pregnant mother, the situations that affect you also affect your baby. Therefore, you should ensure that you are always in a relaxed environment throughout your gestation journey.

Your husband and other family members can help you make sure that you avoid problematic scenarios and getting pressured unnecessarily.

After all, you can expect an optimal birth result through stress reduction.

  1. Obtain a flu immunization to stay healthy while pregnant.

As an expecting woman, your aims are a healthy pregnancy and the safe delivery of your baby. You can attain your objectives by securing a flu shot or immunization. Since you are avoiding getting very ill, this medical procedure safeguards you against seasonal flu or influenza.

After learning these nine tips on how you can stay in the best of health while embarking on your motherhood journey, do not forget to smile and be optimistic.

After all, you are always supposed to feel beautiful and happy because whatever a pregnant mother feels, the baby also feels.

Enjoy your pregnancy journey!

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